Saturday, June 04, 2011

Zappi's Bike Cafe Is Open

Remember back in January I posted about Bike Zone's new store in St Michaels Street, having moved from near the Covered Markets. Well in that post I think I said that Bike Zone was advertising that the new store would be better for customers with more room for bikes and it would also include a cafe in the future. Well, today when I walked past I noticed that this sign was out the front. The cafe is not only open, but has a name, it is Zappi's Bike Cafe, I wander who Zappi is? I think there is a Zappi in Jericho is there a connection? I did not have a change to go in and have a look but I will this week, I am sure that it is a cycle friendly cafe.

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Paul said...

Interesting idea for a cafe, would never work here in Leeds, not really a cycle friendly city. I see you caught someone working on the bike in the background. Paul at Leeds daily photo