Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Bell & Compass Opens Friday Evening

Things move very quickly on New Road, I am sure a couple of days ago this was a Que Pasa Bar, when I walked this afternoon there was a new name above the door. The sign on the door of the new Bell and Compass says that the bar will be opening Friday the 24th, but when I looked in there was a lot of work to still do, so lets hope that everything goes well and that they open as hoped. I think that I might pop in tomorrow to just see what it is like, good to see that the owners have revamped this venue and not closed it, we are loosing to many pubs to the supermarkets in the UK.


Michael said...

what a shame, I always meant to visit the "Que pasa" one day, never made it.

Jessie said...

The Bell and Compass is absolutely stunning inside! If you haven't been to check it out, it's a must!! During the day it's a fantastic place to relax and get a bite to eat, which is what I did. I went in for lunch and had the Guacamole Chicken burger. It was amazing!! In fact, I loved The Bell and Compass so much that I returned that evening to check it out.
The new decor sparkles at night time and is the perfect mix of people lining up at the bar. They also have amazing drink specials.

For anyone who has yet to go to the Bell and Compass, I'd HIGHLY recommend it.

John said...

I'm going to guess that 'Jessie' is part of this new bar's social media operation. They're being very active on Facebook so they've obviously got people working on this sort of thing. I'm sure the place is perfectly adequate but this review is a bit gushing.

lin said...

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