Monday, May 09, 2011

Warm Evening With Half Price Tapas

WOW what a great way to spend an afternoon/evening, with it staying light till about 9pm now in Oxford you can enjoy one of the many offers from the great restaurants/bars in Oxford. Like this one on the Cowley Road, if you arrive early you can enjoy half price tapas everyday of the week, at the Moroccan themed Kazbar. The other sign on the window this evening was an advertisement for cocktail bar staff, so if you are looking for that line of work, your skills are needed on the Cowley Road. It is it going to be bright, and you are sitting in the window you might need your sunglasses.


Julie said...

Love this image. Grabbed my attention from the portal.

Chrissy Brand said...

Really good shot and colour- hope the food was good!


Gunn said...

An image full of atmosphere, happy color, great details and light. LOVE IT!:)

Gunn / Norway