Saturday, May 21, 2011

St Anne's College Rowathon

Students from St Anne's College were out in Bonn Square today raising money for charity. The students looked like they were having fun, in the 24 hour Rowathon event. I am not sure if they rowed all night, I should have asked. One of the ways to collect money was to buy a scoop of Ice Cream from Oxford own G&D Ice Creamery. Pictured here rowing along side a student is the G&D mascot having a row and helping out. Not sure if this character has a name, maybe someone can help me out with this?


Paul said...

Great way to raise some money. Have not rowed in quite a few years, so I guess its just as well I like proper ice cream. I must check out G&D next time I visit. Paul Leeds daily photo

fierceflower said...

It was a charity Erg-a-thon, though Rowathon works too. Our official mascot is a beaver, but as G&D's were helping us out we took turns to don a cow costume - partly for the fun, partly to draw attention! No we did not row all night, but we rowed 8 hours for 3 days.