Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Twelve Ducklings On The Thames

Was out on my mates canal boat on the weekend and just as we where about to leave the bank, this hen with a dozen very young chicks started to swim past the boat. From the size of them I was told that this may have been there first time out on the busy water, but rest assured Mum was keeping a close eye on them as we moved away from the bank. Lovely to see the new life in Spring and I hope that they all make it to adulthood.
Thanks Petrea for the correction, this post was originally called Eleven Ducklings On The Thames, but I can count twelve as well now that you pointed it out.


Petrea Burchard said...

Beautiful shot. And guess what? I enlarged it and counted--twice. I believe you've got a dozen ducklings there. How nice!

Paul said...

Thats quite a few, I saw our first ducklings on only stretch of the canal yesterday, only four. But we have 2 broods of greylag goslings.