Friday, May 06, 2011

Delays Expected Hayford Hill

This is not what you want to see when you are sitting in your car stuck in traffic on the Ring Road. The sign reads that for the next 26 weeks the roundabout at Hayford Hill is going to be undergoing major redevelopment and you should expect long delays during busy rush hours in this area. Like I have said before, if you are in the road repair business in Oxford you will never be out of work. Expect Six months of delays in this area, I bet Sainsbury's are not too happy about this right on there door step. Have you been effected by this road works?


Stephen Gower said...

Sainsbury's are paying for it!

Andrew Daykin said...

"Sainsbury’s has submitted plans to create a new ‘hamburger’ junction"

This just made me think is the main contractor a fast food chain :)