Monday, April 18, 2011

ShakeAway Becomes Shakespeare's

I was very surprised when I was walking through the Golden Cross a couple of weeks ago to see this sign hanging in the window of my favourite Milk Bar, ShakeAway. It was the first of this type of Bar in Oxford making custom milk shakes, the places was always fun and the staff had an edge about them that set them ahead of the competition. Apparently the parent company had financial problems forcing them to close. However I am pleased to see that this week a new store with what looks like to be a few old faces behind the counter have opened in it's place and they have names it Shakespeare's. Not too sure about the name or the branding, it looks alittle dull, but I will try them out this weekend and hopefully get a photo to post and let you all know.

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TheChieftess said...

I always hate it when one of my favorite "haunts" closes!!! Hope the new place is a satisfactory replacement!!!