Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding In Charity Shops

The United Kingdom is in Royal Wedding mode at the moment, everywhere you look you can see references to Union Flag, Kate and Will, everything has a Royal connection. Even in the charity shops this window has a feature with Kate and Will highlighting the fact that they have a range of second hand suits and wedding dresses at good prices. This photo was taken this morning in Little Clarendon Street it is the window of Sobell House Hospice Charity shop, not sure where they got the cut out faces, but they do the job.


Professor Balthazar said...

Oh! that looks just like them.

Lady Hermione Crystalknackers

Gunn said...

I have been watching the wedding on TV here in Norway. Congratulations! said...

Love it! Great idea by the charity shop. Watched the whole thing on BBC from Abu Dhabi. Made me proud to be a Brit. No one can touch us for royal ceremonies and pageantry!