Friday, April 22, 2011

Royal Wedding Hit's Oxford

Taken today while out on a bike ride around the city, yesterdays Oxford Mail headline, an 84 page Royal Wedding Souvenir. I have been racking my brain all day, I can not think what you call this flier that newspapers use to grab your attention to the paper? Can anyone help me please? Anyway this time next week we will be well into the Royal Wedding, what's happening in your area?
Apparently the Royal Wedding has it's own hashtag on twitter #rw2011. Oxford Daily Photo has just started a new twitter account, follow us @OxfordDailyFoto


Gerald (Hyde DP) said...

Who is going to wade through 84 pages? I wonder how many, even fanatics, would read it all.

Paul said...

I have to agree with Gerald on this one, 84 pages does seem excessive.
The answer is a billboard, oddly my mate and I were discussing one that he had seen outside a shop here in Yorkshire that was the local paper promoting a story about that shopkeeper serving under age customers.

Steffe said...

Hopefully nothing at all. We had a royal wedding last summer.