Monday, April 25, 2011

RAAF Flight Sargent R.A.Groves

Today being ANZAC Day, and not being able to get to France where I have been going for a number of years to attend the ANZAC Service at Villers Bretonneux, I went to the Commonwealth War Graves in Botley.
Wandering around the headstones of the war dead I found RAAF Flight Sargent RA Groves with a couple of Australian Flags next to it, I had taken my photo for the day, a general shot of the whole Cemetery. As I was signing the visitors book I started to look back and found an entry from October last year from RA Groves, "Little" sister who had visited his grave from Bendigo in Victoria, Australia, and I would imagine placed the two Australian Flag next to the headstone. Reading this I had to go back and take a new photo for todays ODP.

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Dani said...

Hi 'Percy'! This is quite a strange thing to say but I just happened to come across this post today when I was researching my great Uncle Reg who's grave you have taken a photo of. I come from Australia but have visited twice, once in 2009 and again in 2010 with my parents who brought the flags you see in your photo. It is strange as his 'little' sister as you say (my Nanna) sadly passed away two weeks ago but has never visited the cemetery. I believe my mother may have written something on behalf of her but that certainly would not have been on the date you referenced. It may have just been a mistake on either of our parts but also a lovely story to post on your blog. Thank you for visiting his grave, it is so lovely to know someone was there on ANZAC day to remember him and such a wonderful surprise when searching the 'net'.
Kind regards,