Sunday, March 27, 2011

Census Night Tonight 2011

Spotted this advert on the side of a bus stop this morning. It reminded me that I need to fill my census out this afternoon and send it back so that I don't get fined, I think it is about £1000 if you don't fill it in. The advert says that you can fill it in online, however I am not sure that I want to do that, so I am going to be doing it in the traditional way by post.


Honest Abe Lincoln said...

You get to fill them out yourself?

Winchester Daily Photos said...

Have just done mine online, had forgotten all about it as it arrived quite a while back. Strangely it doesn't ask for the town where you were born

Paul said...

I think the longer they give you the more likely you will put it off. I agree it does seem and odd omission.
Paul at Leeds daily photo