Thursday, February 10, 2011

Oxford on Screen 4: A Fish Called Wanda

Here we have a shot from a Fish Called Wanda, a 1988 crime comedy jointly written and directed by John Cleese and Charles Chrichton. It's about a group of criminals who commit a robbery and the aftermath that follows.

The still shows Jamie Lee Curtis approaching John Cleese in Osney Lane. I'm really not sure why the filmmakers chose this rather ordinary side street for this scene. Maybe they were in Oxford to film some other scenes and happened to need a generic looking road?


harriet said...

I'm loving this series of photos as I live in Oxford -- it's great that you have found the stills and taken the pics from the exact same spots. Well done and thanks.

Percy said...

What a great section of photo's loving this weeks photos.

Thanks for looking after the Oxford Daily Photo guys while I have been away. Boy do I have same gears to change to keep up with the high quality you guys have been posting over the last three weeks.

Petrea said...

Great stuff! I'm loving it. This street doesn't look generic to the American eye. Or, I should say, it looks generically British.

Crocketto said...


do you know where's the Archie's home from "A Fish Called Wanda" ? It suppose to be in Oxford too. Thanks for answer!