Saturday, January 29, 2011

A place of Hope in East Oxford

Today I went looking for hope, one of the two virtues that I didn't show you yet. I found it in East Oxford, at Magdalen Road where the home of Oxford's youth theatre is situated, the Pegasus theatre. The theatre offers a wide range of courses and workshops such as drama, dance, film and urban music. For many years Pegasus has pioneered theatre and arts education work with young people, the local community and professional artists at the start of their career. In some ways this place is also a kind of shelter for young people who dream about a future in arts. When they've got problems at home, at school or when things don't go well, the theatre is a place for them to have fun, where they can learn the world through cultural activities and achieve creative results. A place offering them the hope that someday they will accomplish their goals.

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