Monday, January 17, 2011

Oxford Story Museum Window

I have never heard of the Oxford Story Museum before today, but I noticed this window was new on Pembroke Street. I had to have a look at there website to find out more about this place and I must say that what they have planned for this site is going to be amazing.
This was taken from there press release from the 6th of January The Store Museum exists to celebrate children’s stories and to share 1001 enjoyable ways for young people to learn through stories as they grow. It takes story performances, exhibitions, activities and ideas to schools and communities. In 2014 the Story Museum plans to open a magical new world centre of children’s literature and storytelling in the heart of Oxford.
The window is very eye catching, it can be found at 42 Pembroke Street, Rochester House.

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Catherine said...

Glad you like Rochester's Story Supplies. As the proprietor of this establishment (which also featured on the front page of last week’s Oxford Times), I would like to make it clear that my Story Supplies cater only to Oxford’s fictional community. Alas, the shop is unable to serve customers in the Real World. I am anxious not to disappoint younger visitors – who are of course welcome to view the products on display in the window. I understand that Rochester House, where my enterprise is based, will also be home to the future Story Museum (not Oxford Story Museum), which intends to create a great deal of magic in the Real World in 2014 AD.

Best wishes to you and your project - I enjoyed seeing some of your other photographs.

42 Pembroke Street,