Thursday, January 27, 2011

Courage dating back to the 16th century

Have you ever wondered what this small area cobbled with stones in the middle of this picture is? It marks the place where in 1555 and 1556 the Oxford Martyrs were burned at the stake and you can find this historical place on Broadstreet in the city centre. The Oxford Martyrs are commemorated for the great courage they showed in death and for their belief in a free Church of England just around the corner at St. Giles. These men forfeited their own lives to the flames for the love and faith in Jesus Christ. Whether you are a believer or not, when someone shows such a great courage by sticking to his beliefs in the face of death, you can only have deep respect for being so brave.


june in florida said...

I always assumed it happened at the memorial site, its hard to see is there anything marking this spot?

Tim said...

Hi June, if you like to see a picture solely showing the cobbled stone area, follow this link:

Imagine me taking the picture that I posted yesterday, from where I was standing when I took that shot, Balliol College is right behind me. At the wall of Balliol College there's an inscription telling you that this was the place where the Oxford Martyrs were burned to stake. I don't know why the Memorial is just around the corner at St. Giles. I can only guess it's because there wasn't enough space to build a memorial. Anyone who can confirm this?

Petrea said...

Hi Tim,
I'm enjoying your quest.

I remember this spot in the road from my time in Oxford in 1999. I lived at Balliol College for four weeks, and passed this spot every day.

I can't answer your question about the Memorial, but I can tell you that inside Balliol, an ancient door leading from the small, entry courtyard to the larger, inner quad is blackened from fire. That door is said to have once been the outer door of the college, burned by the same fire that burned the Oxford Martyrs. Please do let me know if you find out I'm incorrect!

zzapper said...

I believe they had in their time had burnt catholics