Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Christmas In The Covered Market

Oh, I love the Covered Market at the best of times, but at Christmas this market is just special. The fresh produce that you can get at this market right in the centre of town is just unbelievable, and worth a look if you are in the city. Was in the market to visit the fish monger, but just had time to snap this photo, of the butcher out the front of his stall helping an elderly customer with her meat selection, with live Christmas trees in front. If you are in Oxford do yourself a favour and visit the covered market, you will not be disappointed.

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june in florida said...

Just discovered you and had so much enjoyment going through the archives. I grew up in Oxford on Arthur st and left at 17 in 1956 to go to America.I still miss it, thank you so much, Happy holidays all.