Saturday, October 23, 2010

Couple Of Backpackers Resting

I love the range of visitors Oxford attracts, on the high end you have those staying at the five star Randolph or Malmaison Hotels paying top prices, per night. Then you have those on organised coach who might come for the day and stop over at one of the out of town motels, they normally are seeing the city with a tour guide. Todays photo, we have the backpacker staying at the city's youth hostel. I love the backpacker, with all there gear, looking for new experiences, adventure, and a good time. When I was walking around the city today, I spotted these two girls a couple of times, including here out the front of Christ Church College reading there guide book. I think it was the British Airways bag that I keep seeing that stuck in the mind. Hope they had a good visit.

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