Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Spider Season Has Started

Spider season is comes around once a year, like Freshers week in Oxford, and at the moment, just before Freshers it is spider season. I am not sure why, but at the moment there are more spiders and there webs around that you get at other times of the year, and with the cooler mornings you can see some very nice webs with the due on them. Took this photo on the outskirts of Oxford this morning, which was a bit foggy in Oxford today and I was trying to get the due on it, not sure if it worked that well. Anyway, look out for those Spider Webs when you are out early.


Petrea said...

That's a beauty! Not just the web, but the whole shot. You composed it perfectly.

Michael said...

not to spoil the fun, but I talked to this university's "spider man" yesterday and he assures me that this "seasonal increase" is purely a matter of perception. Sunrise is later, so the Sun is lower when you go out, there's more dew around, so you're more likely to see the webs.