Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oxford Streets Are Steam Cleaned

This afternoon on the way home I noticed that the pavements in Queen Street where being high pressured steam cleaned by Oxford City Council. The equipment they where using was a very high tech little buggy with this cleaning extension that the operator used to clean the stone pavement. I think the worse thing about the streets of Oxford is all the chewing gum, the council do a good job of keeping the rubbish away, but the gum needs this steam cleaning to remove it. More photo's here.


Gunn said...

a great action shot!

Paul said...

As Gunn says nice photo. Gum is a real problem on most city and town streets. I think the only answer is some sort of levy on each pack, with the funds raised going to cleaning costs. Starting at £5 per pack that should get them to sell fast acting biodegradable gum pretty quickly. Leeds daily photo Paul

Irfan Ali said...

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