Saturday, September 11, 2010

Open Doors Oxford 2010

This weekend across Oxford and in many other cities around the country, buildings that are not normally open to the public open there doors an allow the public to have a little look behind those closed doors. I love this event, because apart from getting access to places that you normally don't get the opportunity to see, there is lots of historical information about events that took place in or around the buildings.
Open Doors has a very good website with more information on what will be open and from what time, I managed only a few of the places that I wanted to visit today, so I will be back out tomorrow with the camera looking behind those doors.
Todays photo was taken at County Hall, built in 1841 and looking like a Norman Castle. As apart of Open Doors a tour of the building run for about 20min where you could see the council chambers and court room that is still being used today. The highlight for me was really seeing the underground tunnel from the court room straight into the prison that was behind the building, I have a photo of this that I will post later, unless you want to see it on the additional pages?


Randy said...

Great post. Did you see what's behind those doors.

Jack said...

I love the idea of an Open Doors program, but I am annoyed that it didn't occur when I visited Oxford about one month ago. Oh well. I will see more of Oxford through your blog.

Charlbury said...

I missed the whole open doors thing because of a family event over this weekend. What doors should I visit if they do this next year?