Saturday, August 28, 2010

Last sunny Saturday of summer?

Compared to the last couple of days we've had some pretty good weather yesterday and today. With a bank holiday on Monday everyone is enjoying a long weekend, which might be one of the last periods with nice summer weather since autumn is slowly getting closer to us. I saw this man with probably his daughter on Gloucester Green, feeding the pigeons - which is officially not allowed according to some prohibitory signs in one of the corners of the square. But they where laughing and really enjoying some time together in the sun and the pigeons didn't seem to mind. So who cares......

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Paul said...

I recall in my time in Oxford Gloucester Green was the Bus or was it Coach station.
I was in Halifax this last couple of weeks and just outside the bus station there is a dovecote for the pigeons, something to do with a pigeon management scheme. Yorkshire Photographs