Saturday, July 03, 2010

Proud to be Dutch

Thanks Percy for wishing everyone a good weekend, hope you will enjoy yours in Germany. And what a start of my weekend I had yesterday! Loyal readers probably know that i'm Dutch and what a huge surprise we've had at the World Cup in South Africa (football) reaching the semifinals by beating Brasil. Until this morning I didn't felt really proud, but when I passed Ladbrokes in the citycentre and saw the poster at the window showing that in their opinion Holland is the top favourit to win the World Cup I must admit I did. I do regret not being in The Netherlands at this moment. The country is turning into one giant orange spot on the globe. So far I haven't spotted any Dutch people dressed in orange in the city yet but I did see some animals near Christ Church Meadow. Not sure whether his mate on the background was just looking for some food under water or that he was ashamed of him taking this funky orange haircut....

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Peter van den Besselaar said...

Tim, we gaan nu gewoon voor GOUD in de finale!

We are very focussed to win Sunday

Cheers, Peter