Monday, July 05, 2010

A little love story

In earlier posts I wrote about my attraction to Christ Church Meadow. Especially with the weather we have had during the last couple of days it's a lovely place to be. A few days ago I just sat along the river Cherwell to relax for a while. Just to see some people punting, enjoy the sun and watch a boy trying to persuade his girlfriend to take a dive into the river. While he stripped off his clothes (except from his boxer of course) she kept refusing to take some clothes off because she totally wasn't up for it. She even moved away a couple of metres from her boyfriend. Now, this is Oxford and he looked like a bright, clever student so he said "ok, if you don't like to join me then I'm going on my one". "But please do me a favour, pick up my clothes and place them on that bench over there". She agreed, walked towards his clothes and bent over to pick them up. At that moment her boyfriend quickly moved behind her, lifted her up and jumped into the water with her. Luckily for him she was only angry for a few seconds and a lovely smile from him followed by a kiss made them both laugh again. It was only at that moment I realised I wasn't the only spectator. At the other side of the river these two roe deer fawns and a squirrel saw it happen too. I was fortune enough to have my camera with me so I was able to take this shot. Unlike me our two "love birds" in the water didn't see them, they were far too busy with each other. I guess that's what people mean by loves makes us blind.....


Wibbo said...

What a lovely story!

Paul said...

Great story and I love the photo too.
I lived for some years as a boy adjacent to Christ Church Meadow and often explored it but I never saw any deer.
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