Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jamming At The Half Moon

I have not been to the Half Moon in St Clements for about 4 years, but last night I was in the area and dropped in on my way home. The Half Moon is a real traditional Irish pub close to the city centre that has always been associated with the folk music scene in Oxford. Last night when I was having a pint there was a few harpists in the corner jamming. It was strange, cause another customer of the pub started talking to the group, and ended up bringing her harp in later and they all just started playing. I decided that this photo needed the sounds of the bar to give you more of the atmosphere of this pub, never put sound to a photo before, but this one needs it I think.
I will not leave it so long before I am back in the Half Moon, great little pub with great bar staff, well worth a visit if you are in the area. This photo is not the best, because I did not have my camera with me and just used my trust iPhone.


Petrea said...

Looks like a lovely pub!

Welcome to the City Daily Photo family. I'm linking to you on my blog for July 1st (which it will be, here, in about 6 hours). Thanks for doing an Oxford blog.

Hilda said...

Sounds like a wonderful pub. I always like those with musicians, though I've yet to encounter one here with harpists.

LoveCat said...

The wonders of phone blogging! How do you include sound, I wonder!! That would be great fun to be able to do from my scouting blog ones in a while!

Annie (Lady M) x said...

I love the sound you added... it made the post very atmospheric.