Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Unidentified Bird

I am not that great when it comes to birds, so I am hoping that a visitor to the site will be able to tell me what this bird is called. I spotted it today in the Castle Mill Stream behind the Castle Complex, it can stand still for what seams like hours before moving or catching a fish. I think i saw it in the same location last year, not sure if it is migratory or not. Nice to see wild life so close to the city centre.


Annie (Lady M) x said...

It's a heron

Ray Bellis said...

... specifically, a Grey Heron.

They're resident in the UK, and quite common.

Michael said...

yes to the above. They can be confusing because they can tuck in their neck, so if you look it up there may be a picture where the neck has disappeared.
In the parsons pleasure area by the cherwell (Marston/Headington cycle track) we also have one visiting frequently.

DaMaul said...

Yep it's a Grey Heron. I keep seeing one near the the bridge over the thames on botley road, and another opposite the abandoned boatyard in Jericho. They are huge and awesome!