Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Gorden Brown Calls A General Election-Get Your Paint Out

I am sure you all know that Mr Brown visited the Queen this morning and we will now have a General Election on the 6th of May, and we can vote for who we want to be the Prime Minister, unlike the last General Election. As a few of you might know, I take a photo of the Billboard on South Parade, on Monday this poster for Conservatives did not have any graffiti on it, this afternoon it did, do you think Labour supporters in Oxford are stooping a little low? More Graffiti from South Parade here.


Mark Lawson said...

No, political graffiti is nothing new and if people feel that strongly about our democratic system, then it's hardly a capital crime.

In my opinion a Tory government would be a disaster for the economy, and for the country in general. Cameron's nothing but a salesman...a good one, but not even he can polish a turd that is the Conservative Party.

Nice work to whoever done the graffiti, keep up the good fight and get the word out there to the large number of idiots who continue to lap up Cameron's dross!

Mark Lawson said...

Also what evidence do you have to suggest it's actually specifically Labour supporters doing this, or is it just a held bias??

Peter van den Besselaar said...

There are certainly better graffitti artists!