Friday, February 12, 2010

The Ultimate Picture Palace

Along with the large cinema chains that we have in Oxford we also have a couple of smaller cinema venues and clubs, including The Ultimate Picture Palace just off the Cowley Road on Jeune Street. Not sure the history of this old cinema however I think it was once called the Penultimate Picture Palace, worth a visit if you are in the area and like the Phoenix Picture House, if you are a member you can see movies at a discount.


PG said...

Good Lord, is it still going? I am sure it used to be a *blue movies* venue, way back when, (1970's/80's I think) and I seem to remember when I first moved to Oxford in the late 80's it had a pair of large 3D stripy stockinged ladies legs with (red?) high heels) kind of bursting out of the facade, which is when it was called the Penultimate Picture Palace. How times change! (Enjoy your pictures very much btw, I used to drink at the Fir Tree, which you photographed a few days ago).

Backstreeter said...

The stockings were on the legs in front of Bill Heine's other cinema - Not The Moulin Rouge in Headington. Bill, now on Radio Oxford, used to run both. Both showed films that were too arty or old to be in the main stream cinemas and were cheaper for students as a result. Saw some great films at the PPP.