Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Save Oxford Loos

The closure of a number of public loos across the city has hit the Oxford Mail today, and I would have to agree that we need more public loos not less. I spend about half my day out on the roads around Oxford and have used the public toilets on a number of times. If we are to be a tourist friendly city attracting visitors from around the world we should be expanding and updating our loos not reducing or closing them. Tell your councillor you are not happy about this!!
Ironically the plan the council has to compensate for the loss of public toilets is to ask business to open up there facilities to the public, but not the council run library in Queen Street!!


Professor Balthazar said...

There going to do it anyway, VOTE THEM OUT!

LoveCat said...

As a former resident of Iffley Fields and as a returning visitor to Oxford, I'm sad to hear about the plans. I always hold Oxford's public conviniences as a good example on why I miss living in Britain: Clean, accessible, frequent and safe.
I don't know which councilor to write, but if anyone would care to put my views forward I'd be greatful!
I'll investigate the state of things this Christmas.