Monday, November 30, 2009

Editor Of The Oxford Chronicle

I was wondering around the cemetery of Mill Street on Osney today and was amazed at the number of Commonwealth War Graves in the cemetery, which I didn't know we had Commonwealth War Graves so close to the city centre, I knew that there CWG at the cemetery in in Botley but never knew about the ones in Mill Street. One of the graves that I found interesting was in a state of disrepair, lying on the ground if Mr Henry Cuthertson who died in 1903 and was the editor of the Oxford Chronicle. I am sure that the position of Editor of the Oxford Chronicle would have been well respected in 1903 and it is a shame that a person who had this position with in the local community is now resting in a grave that is not in the condition that you would expect. Very concerning, and a little disappointing.

Found information to say that the Oxford Chronicle was produced on the High Street where Ede and Ravenscroft, England's oldest tailors, are today, at 119 High Street, see here. So I am sure Henry Cuthertson would have been familiar with this building.

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