Friday, October 16, 2009

Oxford City Council's Parking Shame

Tell me that the Oxford City Council is only interested in making money out of it's contract with the company that enforces the restrictions. In Oxford you will get a fine very quickly for over staying in a parking bay, even by a few minutes, but you can park like this driver all day and not even be noticed by the parking attendants. People like this, the ones who don't think, really get me going. Wonder what Bill Heine fro m BBC Radio Oxford would think?

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The Poet Laura-eate said...

What gets me about Oxford is how once a Controlled Parking Zone is agreed, they then go on to systematically reduce the number of 1-3 slots for non-residents in that area way beyond what was agreed. As a Student Housing Officer often needing to visit many houses in a day, this is virtually preventing me doing my job without getting a ticket since I would never have time to walk or cycle between them all. How Lettings and Estate Agents manage, let alone anyone else who services Oxford property in any way manage, is beyond me.