Monday, September 14, 2009

A Green Narrow Boat "Annie"

Narrow Boat "Annie" resting on the Oxford Canal being painted by local artist. Annie and her owner Stuart are very Eco friendly and I was lucky to be given a tour of her by Stuart who pointed out all her Green features, including a composting toilet, solar power generator, wood fired heating and an engine that runs on used vegetable oil. If you are on the Oxford Canal you will know instantly if you see Annie as this Narrow Boat even as an allotment on the roof of the boat growing every vegetable that's in season.

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Michael said...

did he mention how he insulates his boat against the cold water ? It recently struck me when I walked by the canal that having your home made of metal and immersing it in cold water is about the most efficient way to remove heat from it. Good in summer, but total nightmare for energy bills in winter, I would imagine.