Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Please Take Free

When I saw this in Magdalen Road Cowley it instantly reminded me of the time a friend of mine had upgraded his fridge, the old one was still in working condition and he just wanted it out of his apartment, so he put it like this guy did, in the front yard with a notice, Free Please Take. For a week that fridge just sat there with out anyone taking it, he decided that as it was free people may have thought it was worthless, so he put a sign on saying Fridge For Sale £100, when he got home that evening from work the fridge was gone!
Anyway this was a nice display of items that this guy was giving away, including a nearly empty jar of coffee, and half a packet of biscuits, and a cucumber.

On another note, this is the 800th Oxford Daily Photo posting, I have never really noticed the numbers before, but today I noticed that I was posting the 800th..


mt23 said...

I had a similar experience.
Years ago, when I was graduating I tried to give away my year-old computer for free...no takers! I shoped for an Intel Overdrive online, posted it for sale at that price, and voila! Sold before I even logged off.

Professor Balthazar said...

Yeh, i tried one of those Free windscreen chip repairs once, don't...