Monday, August 31, 2009

Open Mic Night At The Book Binders Jericho

Meet a couple of Couch Surfers at the Book Binders in Jericho on the Sunday Night, was a great night. The girls where from Russia and Denmark, had a great evening with them, and I hopefuly will be able to show them a little bit of Oxford tomorrow. The Open Mic night is very good at the Book Binders, and I am hoping that my friend Steve will be able to get up and have a go one day, these guys really enjoy playing to a local crowd.


LoveCat said...

I love the Bookbinder's!

Professor Balthazar said...

Great pub

Nigel said...

Hi Percy

I run the Bookbinders Open Mic session, I appreciate your kind comments.

Is there a chance we can use your photo (of Graham Quelch on harmonica [standing], me on the knobs and possibly Peter on the guitar behind Graham)?

Was the picture taken on 30th Aug or 23rd?

And do you have any more?

I'd acknowledge full copyright and you'd retain control over them.


Nigel Brown, open mic organiser