Tuesday, August 18, 2009

London Oxford Airport Rebranding, Why?

This is the new name for Oxfords Airport just outside Oxford near Kidlington, I know that it is outside the 5km ring that I normally photograph however there is a lot of interest in the rebranding of the Airport and the use of the name London, as we are about 90 miles from London.
According to a government white paper in 2003 on the Future of Air Transport, airport was considered as a solution in providing expanding passenger numbers for the South East, with the possibility of expanding it to four runways, however this option was not seen as a solution to the capacity concerns.
This name change from Oxford Airport to London Oxford Airport has Oxford residents talking about why the name has changed as it has been known as Oxford Airport since 1935 when the City Council built it, it is now privately owned by the Reuben brothers who are on the UK Rich's 100 list. Other photo's.

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