Saturday, June 13, 2009

Street Art

This large mural is on a house near the Cowley Road. A diffilcult image to comment on really. It conjours thoughts of the old communist block - farm communes and the like. Or maybe that's just the scythe looking like the old USSR flag.
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Michael said...

You can tell that it's a 21st century image though. The high-performance battery-driven power drill she holds in her left hand has only been commercially available for a couple of years now, and the battery technology (based on nanoparticles I believe) was invented around 2001.

You can also tell that it's from a UK artist, as the woman has bare breasts but no nipples ! LOL

Michael said...

... so it's not just symbolising workers and farmers, but also bridging across centuries, with the ancient scythe and the modern drill. Intriguing also that the woman seems to be inspired by Delacroix' Liberty leading the people, but seems to have lost the people along the way. Could you tell me the street where you saw this ?

Vanessa said...

... interesting analysis of the mural.
It's on Temple Street.