Sunday, May 03, 2009

Couple Of Oxford Pigs Enjoying The Sun

These pigs just outside Oxford appear to be unaware of all bad press the English Media are running about them at the moment.  I know that a young school girl from Oxfordshire has had the Swine Flu but has thankfully recovered.  I can not remember when pigs have had this much coverage in the news, and it is about time too, but I think these guys may have hoped for a better angle than they are currently getting. Lets hope that once this Swine Flu has passed that the media can run more positive pig stories to balance up the current negative campaign which is in most newspapers at the moment.


Richard said...

I agree, we need more positive pig stories.

Your picture reminds me of the Winston Churchill quote: "I like pigs, a cat will look down on you, a dog will look up to you, but a Pig will look you in the eye and see his equal".

Ackworth born said...

Good to see a positive pig post.