Sunday, April 05, 2009

View Of Oxford From Shotover Country Park

Shotover is from the Old English word Scoet Ofer meaning steep slope and this steep slope was the main road in Roman Times from Oxford to London.  It was reported in April 1667 that the first "Flying Coach" to make the trip from Oxford to London in a day left All Souls College at 6am arriving in London at 7pm that evening, today the Oxford Tube can take about two hours do this trip but not on the Roman Road but the busy motorway.
Shotover is a great park, and well worth a visit on a nice sunny day like today was, with plenty of walks and space to get away from the city, which is only 5km away, it is hard to believe that this place is not busier on days like this, maybe it is one of Oxfords hidden parks?

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LoveCat said...

Went for a jogg today with my husband. The weather was lovely, and spring is certainly well on its way, and we were talking about how lovely it would have been to be jogging at Shot Over instead, wondering weather the leaves were out on the trees.
How I miss Oxford!!!