Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Fishes

What a great way to spend a sunny afternoon, enjoying a drink at The Fishes which has a great outdoor area at the back of the pub.  I cycle to The Fishes as it is not that far from the city centre if you walk the back ways, it is only 15 minute cycle away to North Hinksey.  When I was visiting this afternoon I was reading about all the awards the pubs has received for the food that they are now serving, so I would suggest this would be a nice place to celebrate a special occasion.
Anyway, if you are in Oxford and would like to try a pub that is not that far from town with a difference, give it s try and let me know.


Dave said...

The food there is great. A nice feature is being able to order a picnic basket to eat in the very large garden. Sunday lunch is especially popular.

LoveCat said...

Agree! (I've only eaten their once, though, but evryone was happy, even the kids) Didn't know about the picnic baskets! Will remember for next time.