Monday, January 05, 2009

You Can Not Canoe On A Frozen Oxford Canal

This cold snap has provided me with a new subject, and walking around you get to see the strangest things.  Walking up the Oxford Canal I saw a group with canoes on the roof racks of their cars pull in front of The Plough in Wolvercote and start to take them off.  I was thinking they are not going to try and put them in the Canal are they?  Over to the canal they came, and after hitting the ice with the paddle, they decided that if they put the canoe in or is that on the ice, and get in they might be able to break the ice, strange lot this group.  They where trying to paddle to Trupp??

They did get in and went no where, got out and decided to try the River Thames which was not frozen over.  One of there members put his canoe in on the other side and after about 30 minutes managed to get to the other side about 10 metres away.  More frozen Canoeist's here.

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Sharon said...

This one has me chuckling. It takes all kinds!