Sunday, December 14, 2008

Down a very quiet lane in the middle of Jericho off Walton Street is the old Graveyard St Sepulchre's.  When you walk in the graveyard you will find it surrounded by very modern apartments that have been built on the old Lucy Work's site which is a little strange next to an 1848 cemetery.  The Vice Chancellor of Oxford University Benjamin Jowett was buried in the cemetery in 1893.  If you are in the area I would wonder in and have a quick look around, worth a look.


LoveCat said...

One of my absolute favourite spots! It makes a wonderful Sunday walk if you come in cross Folly Bridge, through Christ Church, the centre of town and then walk all the way along Walton Street, pause for awhile in the grave yard, then walk down the next street which I can't remember the name of, across the bridge and down to the tow path on the other side an then follow the canal to Osney Lock, stop for a pint and then back to Folly Bridge. Walked part of that Sunday two weeks, but went back to the centre of town via Jericho. The Boo binders, on Canal St, was closed to we had to take our lunch in Freuds instead. It was ok too.

Sarah D said...

one of my favourite spots in Oxford!