Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bath Place

Just of Holywell Street nestled between New College and the old city wall you will find Bath Place, which is a small street with a couple of cottages and the Bath Place Hotel.  The main reason that locals and visitors head down Bath Place is that at the end of this dead end street is a small passage that leads you to the Turf Tavern, perhaps one of the better 'Real Ale' pubs in Oxford, I think it would also be Oxfords best hidden pub, so much so that a friend of mine who is Oxford born and bread did not know about it, and he is 40+ years old...  Well worth a visit..

Now to all the daily visitors, sorry for the missing few photo's this week.  I have been very bust at work and socially with a couple of last night trips to London and Reading, hope to get the regular photo's up next week.

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Humma Kavula said...

You were born there?