Sunday, June 29, 2008

Oxford University Press Book Shop

On the High Street, this is the outlet for Oxford's University Press, know locally as OUP.  The main administration of UOP is on Walton Street in Jericho but you can not buy anything there, so if you are after an Oxford English Dictionary I would suggest you head to the High Street!

I am away for a couple off on holidays, last year Emily helped me out but she is not around in Oxford this year, so the ODP will have to have rest, I will be back soon!!


Vanessa said...

My great aunt was a manager here at a time I believe when it was very unusual for a woman to be doing this job - pre/during second world war I guess - any ideas where I could find out more?

Percy said...

Vanessa I went into the OUP Bookshop this morning to ask about the history of the Press and Shop for you, they have nothing in store at the present time. There is a book that is available Print On Request, however there will be a series of small books published towards the end of the year.

Vanessa said...

Percy - Thanks very much - will look forward to these small books being published.