Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Street Art? Who is Ben Dawson?

I am not sure if this is part of Oxford Art Weeks which are on at the moment, but I have seen six of these little name plates around the city so far this week.  You may have able to just see it at the bottom of this photo.
They all say the same thing and that is The Moment A Thought Explains Itself 2008 Ben Dawson. Click here to see close up of name plate.
They are all on walls, this one was down a side street just out of city centre.  I am not sure what it is all about, I am hoping a reader will post a comment.


Matthew H said...

I saw one of these a few days ago! I think it was on a wall on Oxpens Road outside Oxford and Cherwell College.

I wonder what they mean. They certainly don't seem very self-explanitory to me, neither do my thoughts!

sarah said...

Found a similar plaque on a wall near Oxford Circus in January...


T1nk said...

Hi, I'm from Leicester. I stumbled on your site in my quest to find more info on Ben Dawson... I have seen at least 3 of these plaques in Leicester... they've been spotted in london too. Check out the link.


Biff said...

They're around Derby as well.