Wednesday, May 07, 2008

St Thomas the Matyr's Church

This Church in Osney dating back to 1100's is close to the train station which allows you to use the church yard as a short cut if coming from the city centre.  Have not been down this way for awhile and on the way to the train station day noticed that the grave yard looks like it is well over grown at the moment.  The Church is St Thomas the Matyr's link in to read more about it.


Gillian said...

That's a beautiful shot. I love overgrown churchyards. I used to live near Oxford (Witney) but don't know this church.

Gillian_Woodley said...

I live near this church yard and walk through it to my daughters school. It was particularly beautiful in spring, I took pictures of my children among the blue bells and cow parsley. It's also home to several squirrels, which are a delight to watch. I don't consider it overgrown, more a nature reserve.