Saturday, May 03, 2008

Oxford Central Conservative Club

Just off the main shopping street in Oxford is the Oxford Central Conservative Club, and with the Conservatives winning a majority of the seats in the local elections nationally this club may become a little more popular.  The main sign over the entry is looking a little 'weathered' at the moment, however they have started to put out a newer cheese board advertising the clubs specials.  Unfortunately this is a 'Members Only' club, which means that the prices over the bar should be better than the main High Street pubs.

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Jules said...

Hi Percy - am so jealous you were there for ANZAC Day!!! My great-uncle was killed on the Western Front and my G'father seriously injured so it is a very poignant place for us. We visited Uncle Albert's grave in 1993 but would love to have been there on 25th. We plan to go back on the 100th anniversary of his death in 9 years!!! Would love to see your photos.