Saturday, April 19, 2008

Gloucester Arms Last Day

According to newspaper reports, the Gloucester Arms in Friars Entry will close it's doors after over 200 years of service residents and visitors to the City Centre of Oxford. Boasting "The Best Juke Box For Miles" this small pub down a small lane in the city centre is one of the last independent pubs in the City.  Catering for a unique group of clientele who are angry at St John's College who own the premises for not renewing the lease.  Tonight will be the last orders for this rough diamond of Oxford.

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Matthew said...

Yes. The juke box was played very loud and they had a good selection of old rock music including Dylan,who,led zep tracks. A throw back to the good old days of 60's, 70's music.Not to mention the headbanging scrumpy that was sold,complete with bits in it.