Sunday, March 09, 2008

Carfax, That's What It Is?

All the photo's in the Blog are within 5kms of Carfax, however looking at all the photo's that I have published I cannot see a photo of Carfax, so 15 months on since I started this Blog, we finally see Carfax Tower. Carfax is at the cross road of Queen, Cornmarket, High Street, and St Aldate's, which is considered the centre of Oxford.

The Carfax Tower which is at this junction is all that remains from the St Martin's Church which still on the site from the early 1300's.  In the tower is a clock which has Quarter Boys, who ring in each quarter hour.  The tower is also open to the public during the summer and from the top you can get a good view of the City of Oxford.

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Emily said...

Man, this brings back good memories... I like to keep connected to my Michaelmas home through your pics!!