Thursday, January 03, 2008

St Giles Church

Not sure that I have posted a photo of the Church that this area, which was once just outside the City walls takes it's name, St Giles.  Apparently if you look at other Churches dedicated to St Giles they mostly all are situated just out side the walls of the medieval City's which they now in. St Giles was a Hermit and this maybe the reason why most of these Churches are smaller on the outside of the citys??  Who knows.

Each September there is a celebration in Oxford for St Giles, the St Giles Fair which I have posted in the past.  Anyway this Church dates back to 1086AD, and you can find it at the junction for the Woodstock and Banbury Roads to the North of City centre.

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Robina said...

I believe St Giles is the patron saint of lepers, and as lepers were not allowed to enter the city precincts, I suppose sometimes the orders who cared for them set up their churches outside, and perhaps sometimes churches were re-dedicated to welcome them.