Thursday, October 18, 2007

New Fat Face in Oxford

Good Bye Miss Selfridge, and hello Fat Face. I really like Fat Face and I think it is good that they are going to be moving in to a bigger store in Cornmarket, however I am disappointed that Philip Greens has decided to close his Miss Selfridge store in Oxford. But as they say, with the closing of one door another opens. Photo of the new store on the blog once it is open.


Meg said...

I think the new Miss Selfridge is opening on Queen Street.

Ciara said...

I absolutely hate Fat Face, and there already is one in Oxford (next to Debenhams). Shame that this spot was not picked up by a shop that we desperately need in Oxford, like H&M, Mango, or Moda in Pelle.. or even a bigger Topshop with concessions. I am annoyed that in a town with so many young people, there is hardly any provision for their fashion needs. We seem to get hundreds of gift shops like Octopus instead, to cater for the tourists!