Tuesday, September 11, 2007


This is the first 57 plate that I have seen, and it was on a nice looking Mini with all the fruit. This plate was issued not to far from Oxford this plate is from Portsmouth Hampshire. Just after see this Mini I spotted a few more 57 plates, so look out for those who have just purchased a new car, I guy at work maybe getting a new one soon.

Have a look at the 07 from March. Not sure why both these firsts are Mini's, maybe it is cause they are built in Oxford


Clueless in boston said...

Do UK plates now have the EU flag on the plates? I like the colors and design on the car.

Percy said...

Not all plates have the EU flag on them however it is the default setting to put it on. If you have your own plates made you can have the Union Jack or St George if you are English!